Seeing Iron Railings in a Dream

Seeing Iron Railings in a Dream

Seeing iron railings in a dream indicates that the dreamer will have a difficult life and that life will be a constant struggle. It refers to working in very tough conditions for long hours, having calloused hands and feet, bending the waist, and having hair turn gray.

It is rumored that the dreamer takes the bread not from the lion's mouth but from its stomach, endures a lot of hardship, and suffers. However, it signifies that thanks to the person's contentment with what they have and their ability to find happiness in small things, they will have peace and good health.

Seeing Grilles in a Dream

Seeing grilles in a dream means that positive events will occur in the dreamer's life, they will be free from the evil and envy of bad people, their affairs will go well, and they will keep their enjoyment, peace, and health. It also indicates being a sweet-tongued, pleasant conversationalist, thus receiving recognition and love.

Seeing an Iron Railed Gate in a Dream

Seeing an iron-railed gate in a dream indicates that the administration is superior in that place where it is dreamt, managing relationships between people and keeping them in discipline, and that justice will eventually be served.

Seeing an Iron Grilled Window in a Dream

Seeing an iron-grilled window also signifies the superiority of the law, the clear and definite delineation of the rules. It points to the presence of the authorities responsible for the security of the society.

Seeing Wire Fencing in a Dream

Seeing wire fencing in a dream implies that the dreamer will be forced to leave their home for a job and go to a foreign country, but their mind will stay at home, so they will not be able to fully concentrate on their work and therefore fail.

Seeing Barbed Wire in a Dream

Seeing barbed wire in a dream suggests that there are some issues that the dreamer finds hard to accept or understand and are bothering them. At the same time, it is evaluated in terms of the sanctity of personal life.

Seeing Marionette in a Dream

Seeing Marionette in a Dream

Seeing a marionette in a dream signifies that the person seeing the dream is a victim of their good intentions, as their understanding, warmth,

Dreaming of Cardboard

Dreaming of Cardboard

Dreaming of cardboard indicates that hurtful behavior towards beloved and respected individuals may cause their hearts to break, and if such be