Dreaming of Manure

Dreaming of Manure

Dreaming of manure indicates getting into jobs that will be fruitful and productive, obtaining more than planned and calculated. It means that the dream owner's livelihood troubles will end, and the means and money they will have will be so abundant that it will be transferred to the next generations and enable them to live without any livelihood troubles. It points to a comfortable and cozy life, living a beautiful life without difficulty or hardship.

Dreaming of Eating Manure

Dreaming of eating manure indicates getting involved in deception and corrupt practices. It is interpreted as engaging in actions that will cause the dream owner to be criticized, fall out of favor, tarnish their reputation, and lose all respect in society. It means that a person will not hesitate to do injustice to others.

Dreaming of Sheep Manure

Dreaming of sheep manure points to deviating from the right path, abandoning religious practices, and becoming faithless. It is interpreted that the dream owner will do things that are not permissible in the sight of God, contrary to the holy book, and be sinful.

Dreaming of Cow Manure

Dreaming of cow manure is interpreted in the same way as dreaming of sheep manure. It indicates that the dream owner will have their eyes on illegitimate goods and gains, and will try to obtain benefits by deceiving others.

Dreaming of Stepping on Manure

It is said to indicate that there are opportunistic and selfish individuals around the dream owner who want to make a living at their expense. These people are constantly trying to take advantage of the dream owner's property and money through petty calculations.

Dreaming of Fertilized Soil

Dreaming of fertilized soil is interpreted as guaranteed income. It indicates that the dream owner will have a stable income every month, and this will provide peace of mind.

Dreaming of Animal Excrement

Dreaming of animal excrement is interpreted as auspicious and an end to hardship. It is expressed that the dream owner will obtain excessive provision, property, and gain.

Seeing Sister-In-Law in a Dream

Seeing Sister-In-Law in a Dream

Seeing a sister-in-law in a dream indicates that the dreamer will do something that will be offensive to all family members, especially parents

Dreaming of Timber

Dreaming of Timber

Seeing timber in a dream indicates building a new and happy home, and thus finding comfort. It signifies that the dreamer will put his years of hard work into c