Dreaming of Pregnancy

Dreaming of Pregnancy

Dreaming of pregnancy indicates that the person seeing the dream will have a happy, healthy, and peaceful life, his/her work will be accepted by the scientific community, and will achieve great success in all the work he/she undertakes. At the same time, it signifies falling into trouble, facing major problems in life, and being confronted with irresolvable responsibilities.

Pregnant Mare Dream

Dreaming of a pregnant mare indicates that the dream owner will earn a respected place in society because of his/her personality and work, will be held in high esteem and receive respect from the society. Also, it signifies taking a leading role in solving problems and making quick and accurate decisions.

Pregnant Cow Dream

Dreaming of a pregnant cow signifies an increase in wealth, auspicious deeds, and great achievements in business life. It indicates the use of acquired property in the way of Allah and spending it for the oppressed and needy people. Furthermore, it points to the creation of new job opportunities from the business undertaken.

Pregnant Sheep Dream

Dreaming of a pregnant sheep indicates that the dream owner will receive happy and joyful news, and that this news will be welcomed by his/her family with joy.

Pregnancy Test Dream

Dreaming of a pregnancy test signifies going through difficult and troublesome days, negative effects of the received news on life, and indicates the dreamer making mistakes that are irreparable.

Pregnant Woman Dream

A person who sees herself pregnant in a dream is interpreted as overcoming great hardships in family and business life, and delaying things that will later cause great trouble. At the same time, it signifies that surprises to be experienced will bring success.

Infertile Woman Getting Pregnant Dream

Dreaming of an infertile woman getting pregnant indicates that the efforts and labor put in will go in vain and there will be material and spiritual losses.

Seeing a Radio in a Dream

Seeing a Radio in a Dream

In dreams, seeing a radio indicates that the dreamer indulges in futile tasks, wastes time on them, and unnecessarily loses himself in these tasks. It suggests