Interpretation of Dreaming of a Balloon

Interpretation of Dreaming of a Balloon

Dreaming of a balloon is interpreted as aimless pursuits, things or events that are followed in vain. It is interpreted that a person will fly and never come down like a balloon, will have frivolous and ludicrous desires that seem nonsensical to many.

The person who sees a balloon in a dream is considered to be someone who is fantastical, without sensible and realistic thoughts, has invisible, unheard and unrealized dreams on earth. It is interpreted that this person is someone who lives in a world of fairy tales that he created. In fact, the dream owner is not taken seriously by his surroundings, his projects are found ridiculous by his relatives and family. If a person sees a burst balloon in his dream, it indicates that he will shed tears because he is wronged, but will later be acquitted because he is innocent.

Dreaming of Releasing a Balloon

A person who sees releasing a balloon in a dream is said to engage in a business that will benefit him for years or to make a tight bargain with a purchase.

Dreaming of Bursting a Balloon

Dreaming of bursting a balloon indicates disillusionment and events that will end in failure. It is interpreted that the person will not benefit from the business that he entered with great hopes. At the same time, it is expressed that all the mishaps will come together.

Dreaming of Holding a Balloon

It implies that the person has minimum desires and projects, and does not have great expectations.

Dreaming of Blowing Up a Balloon

It indicates receiving news or hearing words that are baseless, gossip and lies. These news are completely groundless and unfounded.

Dreaming of Seeing a Flying Balloon

It means that something that the person himself does not believe in is a lie, that is, it will not happen.

Dreaming of Buying a Balloon

If the dream owner sees buying a balloon by giving money to someone, it is interpreted that he will fall for the game of someone he trusts and will be left alone on the path he took by following that person.

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