Meaning of Dreaming Flour

Meaning of Dreaming Flour

Dreaming of flour is interpreted as an increase in abundance and earnings, favorability of luck, and the dreamer's well-being and health. A person who sees flour in their dream is successful in their work and always achieves great success against their competitors. When they fail, they have the strength to stand without collapsing.

Dreaming of flour indicates work that is done without deviating from the path of Allah. The dreamer carries out their work without considering deviating from the right path and is grateful for whatever they earn. Flour is considered a good omen. It means a life where the dreamer's face will smile and their spirits will be high.

Dreaming of Semolina Dessert

It is interpreted as wealth and prosperity. It is the land, property, or money that will be obtained from good deeds for the dreamer.

Dreaming of Eating Semolina Dessert

It means the easing of the dreamer's tasks and the course of events favoring them. Thus, the dreamer will improve their income by working under better conditions, and the dreamer's very hard working conditions will improve. Also, the interpretation that the person who eats semolina dessert in their dream will have an increase in salary or income is among the interpretations.

Dreaming of Sifting Flour

This is a dream that signifies the dreamer giving up the wrongdoings and turning back to the path of Allah, earning their bread from halal ways. It is considered as a warning for the dreamer.

Dreaming of Eating Flour Cookies

It means good news and joyful events while also indicating the occurrence of auspicious events that the dreamer has been waiting for, resulting in great happiness for the dreamer.

Dreaming of Buying Flour

It is said that the dreamer actually receives their sustenance and fortune. The person who dreams of buying flour will do good things that will benefit them. Sometimes, it is also interpreted as becoming the owner of a great inheritance.

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