Seeing A Rifle in a Dream

Seeing A Rifle in a Dream

Seeing a rifle in a dream is interpreted as the person being involved in a number of plans, projects, and works to gain superiority over their competitors. In the dream, a rifle is considered as a symbol of success and victory. At the same time, it indicates staying away from dangers, evil, enemies, and all kinds of trouble. Seeing a rifle in a dream is also interpreted as the power and strength the dream owner possesses.

Rifle Sound in a Dream

Hearing the sound of a rifle in a dream heralds rebellion and revolt. The dream owner will no longer be able to keep the things to himself and will reach the breaking point, openly shouting everything he knows, hears, sees, and feels. The sound of a rifle is also considered as a sudden news.

Rifle Explosion in a Dream

It is a very auspicious dream for the dream owner. It indicates the courage to face difficulties and pains. It is also expressed as the length of the person's lifeline.

Buying a Rifle in a Dream

It means that someone will do something or say something that will greatly upset the dream owner. The dream owner will be stressed by this unpleasantness and will chase after this issue for days.

Storing a Gun in a Dream

It indicates that the dream owner keeps his feelings or some thoughts to himself and prefers not to share with anyone. Sometimes it is also evaluated as the dream owner's handling things secretly.

Seeing a Rifle and Bullets in a Dream

The combination of these two objects in a dream is explained by words. On one hand, it indicates the dream owner's movements that will lead to giving advice to himself, on the other hand, it is interpreted as the dream owner being outspoken, not holding back, and being a genuine person.

Seeing Yourself Carrying a Rifle in a Dream

It is a very auspicious dream. It is evaluated as the dream owner getting rid of his troubles, problems, and all his sorrows, and finding relief and healing.

Seeing Surgery in a Dream

Seeing Surgery in a Dream

Having surgery in a dream signifies that life will go as planned, and things will progress as intended and calculated. It means that the person

Seeing a Bookshelf in a Dream

Seeing a Bookshelf in a Dream

Seeing a bookshelf in a dream indicates that the person who has seen the dream has been living in a very disciplined and orderly manner for a v