Seeing Pharaoh in a Dream

Seeing Pharaoh in a Dream

Seeing Pharaoh in a dream is not interpreted as auspicious. It is a sign for a person who only plans for worldly affairs, devotes all their effort and energy to the false affairs of the world, does not even think about the afterlife, ignores the sunnah and the requirements of the book. This dream is interpreted as someone who lives as if they will never die and only strives to fill their pockets.

Dreaming of Cleopatra

Dreaming of Cleopatra indicates that some unlucky and upsetting events will occur, the dreamer will encounter bad and ill-intentioned people, will experience great distress due to them, and will get in trouble with these people. It signifies the power being in ignorant people.

Being Cleopatra in a Dream

Being Cleopatra in a dream signifies that the dreamer has a light and energy, noticed and impressed by everyone. The person is interpreted as being the first person that attracts attention wherever they go, with their posture, beautiful nature, and good character.

Seeing the Egyptian Pyramids in a Dream

Seeing the Egyptian pyramids in a dream is interpreted as the dreamer's eagerness to learn about history. It means that the person wants to learn about what their ancestors experienced in history so that mankind does not experience the same pains and losses again.

Climbing a Pyramid in a Dream

If a person sees themselves climbing a pyramid in their dream, it indicates that there are many more long years to work for, and they will not achieve anything or reach their dreams without making an effort.

Seeing a Mummy in a Dream

Seeing a mummy in a dream signifies a sign of good news and joy. It is interpreted that there will be a development that will bring joy and happiness to the dreamer, and they will be very happy and content.

Seeing Oneself Mummified

If a person sees a mummified body in their dream, it is interpreted as that person feeling very upset about a particular issue.

Seeing Cocoa in a Dream

Seeing Cocoa in a Dream

Seeing cocoa in a dream indicates that the person who sees the dream will suffer from a serious illness due to experiencing a lot of stress and nerves in life,